The Maltese Medicines Handbook is a collection of medicinal products available on the local market but not listed in the British National Formulary. The handbook includes all the products that have a marketing authorization and which have been released and available on the Maltese market until July 2017.

The 5th edition of the Maltese Medicines Handbook has been compiled by Renita Busuttil as part of a dissertation leading to a Masters of Pharmacy degree.

The study was carried out under the supervision of Professor Lilian M Azzopardi, Head of Pharmacy Department, University of Malta.

How to use the MMH


  • The handbook is intended to be used in conjunction with the British National Formulary (BNF). The MMH lists only those medicinal products that are available on the Maltese market, the majority used in community pharmacies, and not included in the BNF.
  • All medicinal products listed in this handbook have a Marketing Authorisation in Malta.
  • Availability of listed products are subject to change.

Each active ingredient consists of general information regarding, marked in a grey box, as shown below ;

  • Indication and dose

Details of uses and indications. Details of dose for specific age groups mainly, ADULTS, CHILDREN, ELDERLY, RENAL and/or HEPATIC impairment and frequency of administration.

  • Cautions

Details of precautions required.

  • Contraindications

Details of contraindications required.

  • Interactions

Details of drug-drug interactions.

  • Pregnancy, breast-feeding & fertility

Advice on use of drug during pregnancy and breast-feeding and hot it way affect fertility.

  • Side effects

Details of common side effects.

  • Medicinal forms

Classified into the : 

  • Different dosage forms the drug could be found in
  • Their corresponding generic and branded products
  • Marketing Authorisation holder in brackets
  • Whether the product is POM or OTC

Appendices :

Appendix 1

A detailed list of medicinal products, classified according to dosage form, available through the National health system (NHS) . This list is provided to guide and help the healthcare professional during dispensing of POYC medicines and supplies.

Appendix 1.1

A list of medical equipment and non-drugs with detailed product description and specifications. This list is aimed to guide the healthcare professional during prescribing and dispensing.

Appendix 2

Document 1: Request form for the supplies of free drugs in terms of schedule V

Document 2 : Adverse drug reaction and medicine error report form

Appendix 3

Vaccination schedules and dosage regimen